Benjamin Moore Announces Guilford Green as Their Color of the Year for 2015


This week, Benjamin Moore released their color of the Year, Guilford Green.


Last year they released an entire pallet that detailed their projections for the Color Trends of 2014. All the colors included there were meant to an answer to the question “What is the new neutral?” In recent years, gray has become the go-to neutral color for decorators and homeowners who are sick of eggshell-white as their main neutral option.

This year, Benjamin Moore chose a single (and beautiful) color that, in my opinion, continues the search for the new neutral. However, this time, instead of proclaiming it as “The New Neutral,” the announcement was included in a gorgeous digital catalog that showcases the versatility of their chosen color.

The catalogue gives readers multiple styling options for their color of the year that makes it’s flexibility in home decor clear. 

For example, see how the color is used in very different ways in the pictures below. The first showcases a breezy, Bohemian look that probably most immediately comes to mind when you see the Guilford Green color swatch. But the second color showcases how it can also be paired with bolder tones to help the strong colors make an even stronger statement.

Clean, Bohemian Style

Bold and Classic Style

Without coming out and saying it, they are offering a new neutral option for DIY and professional decorators a like, and I think they’re going to love it. The catalogue offers several more examples including how Guilford Green fits in with California coastal blues and how it stands out in a truly neutral room.

Check out the full catalogue of Benjamin Moore's 2015 Color Trends. Guilford Green is sure to be a winner with DIYers. Well done Benjamin Moore

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