The Most Popular DIY Consumer Articles from 2014


Can you believe it's almost 2015? As this year draws to a close, we've gathered up our top 10 most popular articles from 2014 in case you missed them, or in case you want to give them a read one more time.

I'd love to hear from you about your favorite article on our blog or even your favorite blog from this year.

Our Most Popular Articles from 2014

10 Characteristics of The DIY Consumer

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Want to get to know the DIYer better before diving into more indepth articles? This is the perfect place to start. Discover 10 qualities that make the DIYer who they are.

If you're looking for even more detailed info about the DIYer, check back at the beginning of the year to get your hands on our DIY Consumer 2015 Market Research Survey Report. It will be released in January, right after KBIS.

If you're going to be at KBIS, let me know. KBIS attendees can get early access to the report before it's released.

2014 Home Improvement Trade Shows: Who Should Attend & Why

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Trade shows are a big investment for Building Materials companies. Check out this article if you want more insights on which trade show is right for your brand.

5 Strategies to Increase Your Brand's Awareness with Houzz

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Houzz is a great way to market your skill sets and promote recent projects. But gaining awareness and growing clients can be slow going. This article will give you some insider tips on how to get the most from your Houzz profile.

Home Industry Trend Alert - 8 Wood Flooring Trends for 2014

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Wood floors add great value to homes for your clients. But gone are the days of choosing between just dark, light or medium stains. Wood floors now come in a range of options that may appeal to different clients for different reasons. Check out the options we list here so you'll have a load of ideas for your next client meeting.

7 Lessons Lowe's Can Teach us About Social Media

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Lowe's is basically a Social Media guru at this point. They are taking some big risks and reaping some big rewards from their Social Media efforts. But how can you win with Social Media like Lowe's without the Lowe's budget? This article is here to help.

Interview with Matt Ehrlichman, CEO of

Link to article is helping to bridge the gap between contractors and homeowners. I had the opportunity to interview CEO, Matt Ehrlichman about his vision for Porch, his insights into the home improvement industry and even found out a bit more about his favorite superhero.

15 Facts About Brand Loyalty that every Home Improvement Brand Should Know

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Building brand loyalty in the building materials industry is challenging to say the least. This article won't solve all your brand loyalty problems, but it will give you some quick insights to help spark inspiration.

Home Improvement Industry Trend Alert - Wall Treatments

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Spoiler alert: wallpaper is back and it's bringing other new trends with it.

Home Improvement Industry Trend Alert - Mutli-Use Furniture and Spaces

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2014 was the year of tiny houses that serve all the same purposes as mansions. See how multi-use furniture made a big impact this year as well.

The Top Blogs Home Improvement Brands Should Follow

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Staying up on trends and reading what your clients and potential clients are reading is all part of connecting with them.

This article is a bonus since it actually includes links to even more articles all with their own top blogs to follow lists. The downtime between Christmas and New Years may be the perfect time to catch up on old blogs and peruse some new ones.

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