2014 Home Improvement Trade Shows: Who Should Attend and Why


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Industry trade shows offer your company exposure to consumers and industry leaders, and they allow you to build relationships with fellow home improvement brands.

We’ve compiled a list of local and national upcoming Home Improvement Industry trade shows for the remainder of 2014. Even if a show doesn't seem to be exactly in your target niche, you may consider going as an attendee. You’ll be able to get a real feel for the vendors at the show while still making some great connections. Just remember to bring plenty of business cards.

Our list is by no means exhaustive, so if you're attending a Home Improvement Trade Show that isn't listed here, let us know in the comments or below!

Home & Garden Shows

Novi Home and Garden Show

Dates: March 28 - 30

Location:Novi, MI

Who should go and why: Novi's large event space allows for vendors to display full scale patios, gardens, bathrooms and so on, so vendors will be able to display their products in their natural environments. If you're located in the general area, you should consider attending to connect with other local businesses. Even if the business is a competitor, it's always good to make professional connections, and even scope out the competition.

Southern Ideal Home Show

Dates: March 28 - 30

Location: Greensboro, NC


Who should go and why: The Southern Ideal Home Show is closer to the well rounded home shows our parents drug us to when we were younger. The show will not only cover home and garden products. It will also have vendors for full landscaping, design, interior decor and even green living will be featured at the show. If you haven't already registered as a vender, it's probably too late, but it's never too late to register as an attendee. 

Maryland Home & Garden Fall Show

Dates: October 17 - 19

Location: Timonium, MD


Who should go and why: Companies who sell interior home brands - anything from dish washers to sinks to flooring to ceiling fans - will be well featured at this home show. The holidays put a special light on a consumer's house. They start thinking about their houses packed with friends and relatives, and so they start noticing all the little things that need updating. A Fall trade show would position you perfectly to help consumers update their homes for the holidays, and for many years to come.

Home Improvement Shows

National Hardware Show

Dates: May 6 - 8

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Who should go and why: Anyone in the Home Improvement Industry. Essentially, calling this a "hardware show" is a little misleading. The National Hardware Show attracts 27,000 industry professionals in every market from paint to plumbing to storage to home wares, there's even a pet supplies category. Checkout the link above and see where your company fits in this trade show. If you want to be a vendor or an attendee, this show is a prime opportunity to meet leading professionals in your field.

The Professional Home Improvement Expo

Dates: Expo: Oct. 23-24 | Conference: Oct. 22-24

Location: : Baltimore, MD

Who should go and why: Essentially, if you sell home improvement products, you should be there.The Remodeling Show, The DeckExpo, and The JLC LIVE Residential Construction Show have joined forces to collaborate on what will now be "The Professional Home Improvement Expo," the nation's largest construction industry event. 

Specific Market Shows

IDA Expo

Focus Markets: Doors and Access Systems

Dates: April 23 - 26

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Who should go and why: While this may seem like a pretty narrow market, the IDA Expo brings in a pretty big, not to mention international, turnout every year. Other than the obvious companies who sell products in the doors and access systems market, this trade show may be of particular interest to companies who are looking to launch smart home technology products. Even if your smart home product won’t be in the Access Systems genre, it would be a great benefit to see how other companies are succeeding in the Smart Home Technology business.

Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

Focus Markets: Sustainable and Green Building Products and Contractors

Dates: Expo: Oct. 22-23 | Conference: Oct. 22-24

Location: New Orleans, LA


Who should go and why: Green or sustainable home products are a home run with DIY Consumers. If your company produces products that fall into this category, you should be a vendor at the Greenbuild Expo. Or, if you're looking to break into the green market, you may want to attend the Greenbuild conference to get connected with others in the industry and find inspiration for your own new green products.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference 

Focus Markets: Architects and Designers

Dates: June 26 - 28

Location: Chicago, IL


Who should go and why: Architects and designers of all types should absolutely attend. Others who may benefit include those in the building industry or producers of major household elements like cabinets or floors. If your company falls into this "other" range, you would most likely benefit from seeing what's up and coming, what's innovative and what is so last season in the housing structure design industry.


Focus Markets: Architects and Designers

Dates: June 26 - 28

Location: Chicago, IL


Who should go and why: NeoCon is a well known, huge gathering of designers, architects and trade experts. Well over 41,000 industry professionals attended NeoCon 2013. If your company fits anywhere into these categories, you should seriously consider grabbing a spot on the vendor's floor. Exposure to 41,000 professionals in your industry is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed. Or, if you're interested in scoping out the cutting edge in home brands, NeoCon is the place to be. 

Looking Ahead to 2015

KBIS & IBS 2015

Dates: January 20 - 22, 2015

Location: Las Vegas, NV

WebsiteAbout KBIS 2015 About IBS 2015

A Little background: The partnership of The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) was so successful in 2014, that The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and The International Builders Show (IBS) will again be held in the same location in Las Vegas in 2015. The combination of these two trade shows makes this one of the largest and most well known events of the year in the Home Improvement Industry.

Who should go and why: KBIS and IBS are two shows not to be missed. Industry professionals involved in most anything from flooring to tile to sinks to interior designers will benefit from attending or exhibiting at these two great events. 


Industry trade shows are an essential part to growing your brand and gaining exposure, but they're also a lot of fun. We'd love to hear your thoughts about any of the shows above, or especially about your own personal experiences at trade shows in the comments below.

Finally, I'd like to leave you with this one tip. American Consumer Shows have local home shows going on throughout the US every year. If you're looking to get started on the local level before jumping in as a vendor at a national show, American Consumer Shows is the place to start.

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