Zach Williams

Zach Williams is the Founder and Creative Director at Venveo, a Digital Marketing agency. Zach has over 10 years experience in designing, art directing and leading the visual creative for websites. He has worked with brands like the BBC, Advance Auto Parts and Rackspace. He was also involved with creating a multi-lingual website for Graco Baby Europe. He has received numerous Webby Awards and has been recognized in the Wall Street Journal.

Zach has consulted on positioning, marketing and product development for numerous DIY and Home Improvement brands. Zach’s experience (and obsession) with technology and how it relates to today’s consumers gives him a unique understanding of the appeal of smart home products to the DIYer. In fact, if his wife would let him, he’d own any and every smart home product on the market. Follow Zach on Twitter or find him on LinkedIn

2015 DIY Consumer Marketing Trends Report

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The 5 Do's of Pinterest for Home Improvement Brands

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