Home Improvement Industry Trends - Multi-Use Furniture and Spaces


Photo Credit: pennuja via Compfight cc

Multi-use rooms, homes and furniture are popping up everywhere lately. Home items that serve double, or even triple, duty appeal to the DIY Consumer's desire for high-value items that have a low impact on the environment. So any time you can find a dual purpose for a normally monotone piece of decor, you’re bound to catch the eye of the modern shopper.

We’ve compiled a list below of some of the unique multi-use pieces and rooms we’ve found online. If you’ve recently come across other multi-purpose rooms, or if you have some cool multi-use items in your home, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Introducing The Office-Closet

Tucking away a home-office in a closet is the perfect way to join form and function. Suddenly all the bills and papers that would normally end up in the dreaded junk drawer now have their own tidy space. Plus, since it’s a closet, the office can be neatly hidden just by closing the doors when guests are over.

Coffee Table with a Convertible Top

This coffee table finally gives you the perfect place to stash your remote while enjoying a movie snack. The leaves fold out to make drinks easier to reach, while revealing a secret cubby for small living room items like controllers or books.

Home Office // Guest Room

If your home office also doubles as a guest room, a Chaise Lounge is a great multi-functional furniture choice. The Chaise can be used for working and reading during the day, and double as a bed at night for guests.

Multi-Purpose Furniture x4

 This Couch / bed / love seat / sunken-lounger takes multi-purposed furniture to the next level. The designers from HeyTeam created these pieces, called Multiplo, to help make the most of small spaces. The result is multiple pieces of furniture that can be matched up in a variety of ways. No matter the shape, this all-purpose decor will always be a conversation piece.


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