How Can Earth Day Help Your Home Improvement Company?


DIY Consumers want to purchase from companies that are working to preserve the Earth's natural resources. Participating in an Earth Day activity, or even in an online forum about Earth Day, is a great way to show DIYers that your company is committed to a positive future for our planet.

We’ve gathered some content from around the web to help you engage with your consumers about your care for the environment. We’ve also included a few ways for you and your company to join in on Earth Day either from an Earth Day gathering or through Social Media.

What are your Earth Day plans? How are you celebrating the Earth today? Let us know in the comments below.

Earth Day 2014 is All About Green Cities

The Earth Day Network (EDN) has declared 2014 the year of Greener Cities. Their video (below) details what they mean by Greener Cities and how the US is reacting already.

While your company is obviously not the only company in your city, show consumers how your company is working towards being green across the board. If you're company has participated in community events or will be participating in community events in the future, this is the perfect opportunity to let consumers see how your company is reaching beyond its walls to help improve the environment.

Honda's Smart Home Project

Although Honda's Smart Home project isn't brand new, it is in line with the EDN's Greener Cities movement, and today is a great day to check out their video. 

If you're lacking in Earth Day actions, consider tweeting this video out and asking your followers for their reactions. Consumers love to see that the companies they like are keeping up with current events and are sharing interesting information with them.

NASA Promotes Earth Day Selfies

NASA is on a mission to create an earth-shaped selfie photo mosaic. Print out the picture below (click here for the PDF version), fill in your location and snap a selfie. Upload the picture to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr and be sure to include #GlobalSelfie.

Tell your consumers why your tweeting it. (Find out more here about the trend), and encourage them to tweet a #GlobalSelfie too. Ask them to share the picture with your company as well. This is a fun way to interact with consumers without boring them with direct marketing, and it will certainly build brand loyalty.

Google+ #MyBeautifulEarth

Google+ and TIME Magazine have teamed up to promote users taking stunning pictures of the beautiful nature that our planet earth has to offer. This is another opportunity to get in on a popular hashtag trend, and it will require minimal effort on your part. 

Just step outside, take a picture of some flowers, trees or any natural beauty that catches your eye. Again, make sure you're telling your consumers why your tweeting, why the earth is important and how your company works to help the environment every day. Encourage them to tweet back with their own #MyBeautifulEarth pictures as well. 

Union Station Hosting Earth Day Expo

The Union Station Expo would be a great opportunity for your company to participate in some live tweeting from a great Earth Day activity. If your in the DC area, send you marketing rep (or yourself) to Union Station. Tweet about what you learn, who you meet and how you were impacted by the event.

Zach Williams is the Founder and Creative Director for Venveo, a digital marketing agency. Zach has logged countless hours creating strategies and developing brand loyalty for Home Improvement brands. Follow him on Twitter or find him on LinkedIn