The Top Blogs Home Improvement Brands Should Follow


Our focus on blogs to follow and their importance comes full circle with this post which includes all of the blogs we've featured so far. Read Full Article

3 Quick Tips for Marketing to the Female DIY Consumer


Your female DIYer is just as likely to tackle a home improvement project this year as Mr. FixIt. Gone are the days of the “Honey Do List”. If she’s not taking on the project herself, she’ll likely be a hands on assistant to her male counterpart. And don’t forget, her purchasing power is only going up! Woman handle the bulk of the purchasing decisions on consumer goods, and are major influencers on big ticket items like homes, appliances, furniture, etc. So, here are a few quick tips to make sure you know what she likes. Read Full Article

Top Home Decor Blogs Home Industry Brands Should Be Following


As our blogs to follow series draws to a close, this week I will focus on home decor. The finesse of interior design is closely linked to all things home improvement. When consumers update any part of their home, it can be like an expensive game of “If you give a mouse a cookie.” Read Full Article

How You Can Become the DIY Consumer's Go-to Online Resource


One of the main drivers in brand loyalty for the DIYer is online resources. Consumers have the potential to be limited in their ability to complete a project, and your online resource can be the answer. Or maybe consumers don’t know where to start in their home, your online resource can be the answer. Read Full Article

6 Things You Need to Know About the DIYers Digital Habits


DIY Consumers are playing an incredibly important role in how technology is transforming online and in-store purchase behaviors. There is a lot of talk about today’s digital shopper, but this article focuses specifically on the digital habits of DIYers and how you can market to them. Read Full Article

Top DIY Blogs Home Improvement Brands Should be Following


Continuing with the series of home improvement blogs to follow, this week I'm shining the light on DIY Project blogs that your consumers already love or will love, and why you should love them too. Read Full Article

Top Garden Blogs Home Improvement Brands Should Be Following


This week’s focus is on gardening blogs. Gardening is a major trend among DIY Consumers this year. Growing your own vegetables and flowers is becoming more and more common, and these blogs offer great help, inspiration and getting-started tips. Read Full Article

Interview with Matt Ehrilchman, CEO of


Recently I had the opportunity to interview Matt Ehrilchman, the CEO of Matt shared with us his inside views of the home improvement industry, technology in the home and why the Porch and Lowe’s partnership works so well. Read Full Article

Top Kitchen Blogs Home Improvement Brands Should Be Following


Over the next few weeks we will be posting a series of articles that include the top blogs from different areas in the Home Improvement Industry that brands should be following and sharing with their consumers. This week we’re looking at bloggers who write about all things kitchen, including designs, trends, technology and cooking. Read Full Article

How Can Earth Day Help Your Home Improvement Company?

By has declared 2014 the year of green cities, so we’ve gathered some content from around the web to help give you a better perspective on what it means to be a green city, and who’s working towards that goal. Read Full Article